Wichmann 9AXAG Crankshaft, Deal done!

Wichmann (Now acquired by Wartsila), obsolete yet still functioning in many vessels worldwide, Our client from Europe unable to locate the spares for the same Brand, Model AXAG got in touch with us, due to our strong online presence and high volume inventory around 2000 + tons of marine machinery in India and UAE.

We are the leading stockist of marine of Wichmann in ASIA, we have all spares which we have dismantled from Wichmann engines, we also have complete engines of 5AX and 6AX respectively.

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Our client visited us last week to inspect the crankshaft packing and was very pleased with the way it was done a 9 cylinder engine crankshaft, supported with 9 supports at the base.

Distance pieces installed between the Main bearing necks to avoid crankshaft bending during transit.

Since we are in this business for more than 3 decades our warehouse team very well know the safety and quality parameters to be followed.

Since the overall weight including packing was around 7 tons, our client preferred the sea freight option and also wanted to see the loading of the crankshaft into the container to ensure all goes well, since it was their first time working with an Indian company.

Since we have a strong team of marine engineers, export team and warehouse team, We made sure the client does not encounter any issues with the shipment.

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